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Interactive connectivity to onboard Alarm & Monitoring Systems

Alarm & Monitoring Interfaces

This digital data facility can be used and programmed to provide an interactive link to the yacht’s alarm and monitoring system. The system set up and management can be tailored to suit your specific onboard monitoring needs.

With the C-Comm Alarm & Monitoring Interface, alarms and alerts, received from the onboard monitoring systems, can be broadcast to pre-selected radios within the yacht’s communication system. 

With options to prioritise alerts, select individual and group recipients and options for alert types as either text messages or audible alarms, the interface ensures that your secure communication systems also provides you with an interactive monitoring system.

Alarm & Monitoring: Receive alarms and alerts from the onboard monitoring systems on pre-selected radios within the yacht’s communication system. Alerts can be sent to the handsets in text format or as audible alarms
System Management: C-Comm Alarm & Monitoring allows for onboard management of the interface, alerts, alarms and recipients. From managing the type of alert to controlling and prioritising notifications, the interface can be customised to suit specific requirements.
Radio Management: All alarms and alerts can be issued to individual radios or to pre-determined groups configured within the system - for example “Engineers”.
Alarm & Alert Management: Messages can be prioritised so that all essential alarms go to all radios and that non-essential alerts are only broadcast to certain radios within the system. This setup can be customised to suit specific yacht needs and can be managed within the C-Comm system.

Interface features

  • Text and audible alarm functionality
  • Compatibility to various standard protocols
  • C-Comm management system
  • Select pre-determined / individual radios
  • Manage & prioritise alerts and recipients

Supported standard protocols

  • I/O Ports
  • Low voltage contacts
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Email message reader