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Fit for Purpose Solutions Customised To Specific Crew Needs

Digital Crew Communications

C-Comm, a digital crew radio system, provides onboard secure communications on legal marine frequencies. Using standard digital technology, it features two clear voice channels encrypted against third party interception and a data channel enabling integration with onboard alarm and monitoring, steward call and security systems.

All C-Comm handsets are IP67 rated, robust so as to endure crew handling on board and designed to combine functionality with practical aesthetics and features. They provide clear, secure and easy communication for smooth, efficient and safe operation. 

From simple handset to handset solutions to messaging, alarm and monitoring integration, tender tracking and third party automation, all C-Comm solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each project and the requirements of the specific Crew.  All solutions are focussed around ease of use, reliability and security.  

Every vessel and every crew has different needs.  Different departments require varying functionality and handsets which are suitable for the intended use.  C-Comm ensures that every requirement of the individual onboard communication is incorporated in to a robust and reliable system designed for your specific needs. 

C-Comm Systems: All C-Comm systems are developed specifically to meet the individual communication needs of your yacht. From handset type, functionality and design to additional interfacing with third party products and alarm and monitoring, C-Comm provides you with the reassurance of robust, reliable, legal and secure crew communications and system integration
C-Comm Handsets: We provide an extensive range of handsets so as to ensure the right style and functionality for every onboard department. C-Comm is compatible with all leading major brands
C-Comm Solutions: In addition to radio to radio solutions, C-Comm also includes a number of solutions for onboard integration to technical systems such as alarm and monitoring, third party automation, tender tracking and steward call

C-Comm Features

  • Compatible with all major leading handset brands
  • Fit for purpose solutions
  • Custom system configuration
  • Requirement specific functionality
  • Messaging
  • Third party automation
  • Alarm & monitoring integration

Handset options include:

  • IP67 Robust Radios
  • Slimline interior & exterior handsets
  • Tender mounted radios
  • Explosion zone approved radios

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