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C-Comm Digital Handsets


C-Comm offers an extensive range of handsets to suit every individual need.  Compatible with all industry standard handset manufacturers, your C-Comm system can be compiled to include your preferred handset type and make.

Naturally we have our preferred and recommended handsets based on our experience of what we believe works best on board and offers optimal functionality and features inline with pricing and budgets but we are always happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise on the most fit for purpose solutions for your onboard needs.

For full details on all handsets available, please contact us.  Listed below are just some of our best sellers.

Robust Digital Radio:: PD785G: This robust, IP67 rated portable two-way radio is the ideal solution for a cost effective secure crew handset. It has been specifically designed to ensure outstanding performance in outdoor environments. Supporting both analogue and digital communications as well as GPS, it does not compromise on functionality
Slimline Guest / Crew Radio:: X1e: This slimline, IP67 rated portable two-way radio is well suited to use by guests and onboard security crew. Simplicity is the key design focus for this radio providing a display free, simple one touch operation with a 16 button rotary switch and volume control. Supporting both analogue and digital communications with GPS, the X1e provides non-technical users with a simple, compact handset
Robust Slimline IP67 Crew Radio:: X1p: This IP67 rated portable two-way radio combines endurance and functionality in a robust slimline design. It offers full 4W digital radio performance with exceptional audio quality for efficient and professional radio communications. Featuring a keyboard, LCD screen, dual mode operation and text message capability as well as GPS and many configuration options, the X1p guarantees reliable, secure and versatile, onboard communication
Digital Repeater System:: RD985: This dual Digital and Analog UHF repeater acts as the core of a yacht’s digital radio communication. Transmitted power of up to 50W from mast mounted antennas, extends the range of crew handhelds throughout the vessel and to tenders. Network capability connects to other systems on support vessels or base stations via VSAT Internet connection
Tender Mounted Two-Way Digital Radio:: MD785G: This IP54 rated, mounted UHF radio provides tenders with full digital radio communication for yacht and crew. It has been specifically designed to ensure outstanding performance in outdoor environments. Connection to an external GPS antenna enables tender tracking and GPS location via secure connection the main vessel software
Slimline IP67 Lightweight Radio: C-Comm 605: With a slimline design at only 119 x 54 x 27mm and only 290 grams, this lightweight alloy framed radio combines essential functionality with robust yet elegant and practical aesthetics. Rated at IP67, designed with an integral belt clip and featuring full secure two slot digital UHF encryption as well as being dual analog and digital, this radio provides a more cost effective option without compromising on function, features or design

Handset Options

  • Crew & Guest radios available
  • IP67 Robust radios
  • Compatibility of multiple handset types 
  • Functionality ranges for crew departments
  • Explosion zone radios