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GPS Location Tracking

Tender & Jet ski Tracking

Integrated GPS support is included across the entire C-Comm platform with each radio component using a built in GPS receiver.  With the C-Comm GPS Location Tracking solution, the radios and system configuration are programmed to send and receive GPS data which can in turn be used in a variety of formats onboard.  

When the GPS is enabled on the radios, their current location co-ordinates and speed are determined by the internal GPS receiver and then broadcast back to the yacht.  All data is sent across the system in an encrypted format using the data channel provided within the C-Comm system. This data is then aggregated and forwarded to the appropriation Navigation Screen on the Bridge.

In addition to tender tracking, the C-Comm GPS Location solution can also be used for jet ski tracking.  The IP67 handsets are attached to the Jetski user's life vest enabling the guest to communicate back to the yacht for support. In the case of an emergency, the guest has a simple one-touch emergency button sending an alert to the crew handsets and beaconing the GPS location. Crew can then communicate with the guest and now also have a determined location to for a support boat to be sent. 

This location service can also be applied as a guest shoreside (marina / beach) collect service. 

Connection to Bridge System: Data can be presented in the standard NMEA format. This allows a direct connection to the onboard electronic bridge system enabling the integrated display of the location of every enabled radio or device from within the C-Comm system. Used in combination with C-Comm tender radios, the NMEA data connection can be used to provide a cost effective tender tracking solution
Tender tracking map system: As an alternative to bridge integration, the GPS location tracking can run within the C-Comm dedicated Windows application. This enables radio locations to be plotted on a Google generated map system
Security paramount: All C-Comm digital radio systems ensure secure connectivity and communication. Onboard security, crew and guest safety and guest privacy is of paramount importance and are fully supported by the C-Comm GPS Location Tracking solution. As required, the GPS facility and functions can be disabled across the entire system or on a radio by radio basis ensuring discretion and privacy as needed

Solution Features

  • Secure, encrypted data format 
  • Direct connection to electronic bridge system
  • Discreet & secure mode allows GPS facility to be disabled as required for guest privacy
  • Simple and safe jet ski support